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How Aerial Photography Can Enhance Ground-Based Wedding Photography - especially on Waiheke!

There are several advantages for a ground-based wedding photographer to work with an aerial photographer:

  1. Unique perspective: Aerial photography can provide a unique perspective on the wedding, capturing the entire event and its surroundings from above. This can add an element of drama and grandeur to the final images.

  2. Complementary shots: Aerial photography can be used to complement ground-based shots, providing a different angle and a more complete story of the wedding.

  3. Venue showcase: Aerial photography can be used to showcase the venue to highlight the dramatic landscapes and coastal views that Waiheke is famous for.

  4. Variety: Using both ground and aerial photography together can provide a more diverse set of images for the client to choose from, and can make the final album or video more interesting and dynamic.

  5. Aerial videography can provide a cinematic experience and can be used to create a beautiful wedding film by editing in clips from the ground and above - helping to showcase the majesty of Waiheke Island.

By working together, the two photographers can create a cohesive and comprehensive visual record of the wedding that will be treasured by the couple and their families for years to come. Waiheke Aerial Photography are experienced collaborators with ground based wedding photographers and have created some beautiful legacy collections for families all over the world.

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